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Love KK Launched

Blu Hope sent early good vibes with recent beach cleanup on Pulau Gaya

Love KK has been officially launched that sets the city on course toward contributing some of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The road map starts with instilling love for the city, developing a sense of ownership among the people, empowering the community, making cleanliness a way of life – all of which are in line with the Sabah Majua Jaya vision and the 2030 global agenda.

Love KK is a joint collaboration between the City Hall and stakeholders toward building a better KK.

Its components involve cleaning, greening and making the city vibrant, beautiful, liveable and healthy. 

Under Clean KK, a beach clean programme was organised by Blu Hope on Pulau Gaya Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park, recently. 

This event was held in conjunction with the International Solidarity Cleanup in cooperation with One Earth One Ocean (OEOO), the Nile Coalition and Verynile and took place across 10 different locations worldwide. Some of the participating countries were Egypt, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines and some locations in Africa. 

In Sabah, 132 volunteers from many different organisations gathered on Gaya Island on YTL’s Gaya Island Resort to collect a total of 846kg of waste plastic. All this plastic was then taken off the island with the help of Local Municipal City Council DBKK and Sabah Parks.

With this first beach clean, Blu Hope is kick-starting a series of monthly quantitative clean-ups in close collaboration with OEOO under its Sabah Plastic Neutral Platform, part/parcel with DBKK’s new ‘Love Clean KK’ Program officially launched by on Saturday 2nd April. 

These quantitative clean-ups scientifically coordinated by Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC) to collect marine debris and provide vital baseline data so that better waste management policies can be created and facilities provided to DBKK and all other key parties moving KK/Sabah Plastic Neutral forwards. 

Part/parcel with International Solidarity Cleanup with 9 other countries, this first LOVE Clean KK beach clean collaboration involved many key stakeholders working together to ensure the total Plastic waste collected actually leaves the island (e.g. Sabah Parks, DBKK, YTL & Berjaya Grp) – the key message being that waste management is a shared problem/responsibility requiring unparalleled collaboration between both local stakeholders and National & International parties.

With an extra strong emphasis on Sabah’s youth driving Sabah Plastic Neutral forwards, Berjaya Grp sponsored lunch, Packaging Warehouse environmental packaging for this landmark event and the other organisations/schools involved were University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Sabah International Conference Centre (SICC), JCI Tanjung Aru, UPcycled Shack, Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu, Zero Waste Sabah, Packaging Warehouse, Forest Solutions, Siung Films, Ripple, Kinabalu International School’s Eco Warriors and Young Explorers Academy.

All the collected waste plastic from this first beach clean is now being safely stored ready for BH’s first ‘Plastic-furniture/building material Pilot’ with DBKK’s LOVE Clean KK campaign later this year – showcasing ‘KK/Sabah Leading the Way’ …

Blu Hope as an organization aims to tackle the plastic pollution problem starting by making Kota Kinabalu Plastic Neutral by end-2024, Sabah Plastic Neutral by end-2026, and Borneo Plastic Neutral by end UNESCO Ocean Decade/UN Restoration Decade/2030.

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