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From Borneo To The World and Back

From Borneo To The World and Back

Editor's Welcome Word
About Borneo Pulse
Borneo Pulse is a non-profit news platform pioneered by a team of veteran journalists from Sabah, Borneo.

Throughout our journalism career, we have covered and written so many stories of public interest from politics, current affairs, armed conflicts, natural and man-made disaster, to name a few.

Although these stories and reports matter to the people and decision-makers, we feel called to bring to public consciousness issues that are equally important: the environment, sustainable development, community empowerment, and animal protection. We believe these issues are equally important for they concern everyone’s existence on the planet, including all forms of life.

We work with various partners – organisations and individuals - who have been trying to make their little corner of the world a better place. Most of their stories remain untold and as career storytellers, we hope to share them with the world in the hope that many others would be inspired to do the same.

Our Professional Team

Leonard Alaza

Co-founder and Author

Jerry Kamijan

Co-founder and Author

Kee Helmey

Editorial support and author

Hassim Othman

Editorial Support

David Chin

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